Lil Tuffy

Published On 02/17/2011 Published On 02/17/2011

Big things come in small packages, or at least that's what they title the texts, when they send them to Jenn Sterger's cell phone. Hooking up bigtime art despite a smallish moniker, Lil Tuffy

Inked by a Detroit dude who tends bar at Pop's in the Mission, LT is the greatest San Diego running back of all time not named Natrone Means turns out epic pop culture-referencing, screenprinted hang-ables on 17.5" x 23", 110lb metallic poster stock that's unframed, like Dr. Richard Kimball, post-the whole Charles Nichols piping. Choice pics include a just-finished Star Wars series that depicts three classic characters alongside cars that rhyme with their names set in front of a far-far-away galaxy backdrop, like C3PO and his GTO, or Boba Fett and his 'vette, or a Stormtrooper with his Isuzu Trooper, which his Stormtrooper mother allows him to use, but only on weekend nights. He also does up ample band art (and oversees a ton more as the curator of Noise Pop's poster series), having designed concert-referencing posters for Too Short (a large pre-blown whistle with lipstick on it), Vampire Weekend (a tennis-themed, music-video-hat-tipping diptych of a racquet-wielding dude on court with a ball machine), and Wu-Tang Clan, a joint that features a Batman-esque WC logo in the sky, which really looks (Ghostface) killer

LT also recently went over the 13,000 career rushing yards mark started doing equally pop culture-ified tees, including a just-finished Golden Girls dud that reads "Rose & Blanche & Sophia & Dorothy", who never thought big things came in small packages, as, according to Jeffrey Ross, she was famously well hung.



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