Jason Tennant Sculpture

Published On 01/25/2011 Published On 01/25/2011

An isolated cabin can be great for escaping the city, unless you're being chased by Jason, in which case you're better off in Manhattan. Wait, he's here too? How is that possibARRRGGGGGHHH! For cabin-inspired art from a less murdery Jason, check out Jason Tennant Sculpture

From a dude who escapes to a "secluded cabin off the grid" to focus on his craft, this collection of wildlife-themed masks and sculptures is made using wood found around said shack, and provides an interpretation of the "essence of wildness", which reportedly smells like Jager. Pieces include: Snarling Wolf Mask: Sculpted from spruce and set with glass eyes & epoxy teeth, this grotesquely frightening work actually uses the exposed wood grain to simulate fur, but not stimulate fur, as exposed wood rarely has that effect

The Surveying Hawk: This giant, 5ft wingspanned, glossy number's "bookmatched" wood grain shows through the paint to mimic plumage, while the talons and beak tip're made from forged steel, also a knock-off movie starring a second-rate Shaq, aka...Shaq

Nike of the Forest: Inspired by the prized Nike of Samothrace sculpture at the Louvre, carved hemlock "wings" sprout out of a centerpiece of chestnut cut down in the '30s, ironically an age when many men find theirs get clipped

The artist'll also work up custom pieces from sketches/photos, from full-figured animals in almost any pose, to Steadman-esque works including a dog-like creature with a wildly wagging tongue known as The Urge -- act on yours in the woods and you'll get totally laidARRRGGGGGHHH!