Urban Hunting

We used to really struggle for our food: from spearing mastodons, to actually having to go all the way to the ranch where Lorenzo Llamas hung out to get your Doritos. Y'know, because he's cool? And his ranch, and the chips it subsequently produced as well? For super-creative photography portraying that struggle in today's Miami, check out Urban Hunting by David Josef Tamargo.UH's a photography series depicting David (a Miami dude who's also the art director of the World Erotic Art Museum) as he valiantly "captures" a range of animal statues set in urban environments around South Florida, a concept cooked up after spotting Lascaux cave painting-style graffiti, and realizing Florida's kitschy tourism trade oddly made it full of oversized beasts -- and that was before JWoww lived here. Highlights!:Dinosaur Hunting II: David, clad in black safari garb with a machete, teams up with a ginger-locked beauty to lasso a T-Rex that looks like he escaped from the cracked walls of Dinosaur World in Plant City, also a BET spinoff that only plays Big Log.Sloth Hunting: Our hero climbs an elephant-sized giant sloth on the Miami Science Museum property while two scantily clad maidens slash at the beast with swords, and another dude tosses a cast net, even though the only way to effectively catch a sloth is with a childlike sense of friendship and mad Baby Ruths.Lobster Hunting: For this one, David teams up with four other urban hunters, all of whom're pretty much getting their asses kicked by the huge spiny lobster statue in Islamorada, even as they wield spears, ropes, and pick axes, also what the elf in Gauntlet does prior to a long hard day of of finding keys to open doors before the computer voice tells you you've run out of food.There're also some underwater scenes, like one shot in Key Largo, where two goth chicks lay bloodied on the ocean floor as David tries to fend off a circling nurse shark and an attacking grouper, not to be confused with the attacking groupies Llamas has to deal with on his ranch, when all he wants to do is tend to his fields of nacho. You know because...nevermind.