Finding common ground between high- and lowbrow culture's difficult, which explains why no studio's biting on your Victorian buddy cop comedy, despite the fact that Dame Judi Dench and Tom Green are already attached. For a high/lowbrow combo that actually works, check out Multiplayer.Opening Saturday, Multiplayer's the first show at the new Venice branch of the Melrose art exhibition hall Gallery1988, and is entirely dedicated to complex prints based on the video games of your youth, except Bayou Billy (already much too complex). Over 30 artists have contributed prints, with highlights including a "Look Both Ways" propaganda-style poster starring Frogger, a mosaic made up of 8-bit graphics from Zelda, and a Duck Hunt number that looks like a target with a disclaimer that states "under normal circumstances, the duck moves very f****ng fast in bat-s*** crazy patterns" --yeah, well, that's nothing a little pressing-the-gun-to-the-TV-screen can't fix. Other examples include a cartoonish barrel-throwing Donkey Kong disrupted by pixels, a blueprint of Tron lightcycles/circuitboards, and a print of a hot naked woman whose heart is being constructed of Tetris pieces, so who knows, she just might fall for your lines. At Saturday's opening, there'll be free booze, as well as sales of limited-edition runs of the posters, a good stop-gap, until yours for Snog, Snog, Shag, Shag finally arrive from the screen printer.