They say the bigger the cushion the sweeter the pushin', but what if there's only meat in those buns because said actual cushion resembles a mad savory hamburger? For pillows that raise just such a question, check out Woouf

From a Barcelona design group helmed by a weary fashion vet, Woouf's pillowed wares're modeled after everything from music equipment to fast food, and designed to "provoke and surprise" people who're "sick and tired of an IKEA-looking home", but aren't ready to develop a rakish, take-charge split personality/actually have sex with Helena Bonham Carter. The bread & butter's a ridiculous line of polyester bean bags that center on food (a 3ft-diameter, well-topped bacon cheeseburger; variously sized rectangular McD-styled boxes of fries) and music, from a boxy Marshall-steezed amp seat, to a body-sized synth, both avail stuffed with either high density foam or classic beans, the latter of which may feel better on yours. There're also a dozen throw-sized jobs arted up in collab with a Spanish graffiti-meister, with looks like an abstract baboon face, cartoon characters including an '80s-era rapper, and a 45 cover for the imaginary Solstice Records featuring the tracks "Bubble Gun" and "Party Time", which clearly it is, 'cause you've got novelty f****** pillows, man

Should you feel compelled to do your walls as well, they've released their first in a series of planned posters, a dissected pyramid above the phrase "Follow The Flow", easier said than done when it involves bum cakes and velvety cheekdays.

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