Bringing the lazy and the industrious together

There's an old saying that if you give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day, but if you teach a man to take $10 from you and bring back some fish from the store, you can not leave your couch for a lifetime. Providing a path to such laziness, Air Run.

A new Chi-founded mobile app that "supports laziness in all its forms", AR's a location-based gig hub that helps users efficiently outsource all sorts of errands and odd jobs, which you really don't want to do yourself, what with his irritating stubble and murderin' hat. The process starts when you give your "anything as long as it's legal" task a title and description and set your location, then specify the nitty-gritty details like timing and how much you think it's worth, which should always be $1 if everyone else is overvaluing the dinette set. Anyone looking for work (aka "Runners") can peruse a list of available jobs that's geo-filtered to highlight ones in their area, viewable in either list or map format, assuming they don't want to give their employers a wide latitude.

To help screen for unreliable types, potential Seekers/Runners get evaluated with a one-through-five star rating, plus the option to add more qualitative written feedback, though give someone $10 to write a good one for you and clearly what you're fishing for is compliments.