When building a collection, it's important to make sure the individual elements comfortably mesh with one another, which is why Barbie's legs don't spread wide enough to ride My Little Pony. Helping you put together a more age appropriate collection: Artsicle

Started up by a duo tired of "blank walls and mass produced prints", this service, which focuses on up-and-coming NYC area artists, allows collectors to be certain a piece fits their collection by renting it on a monthly basis before opting to purchase, an act commonly referred to as Mona Leasing. Possible conversation pieces include

Survival Tip # 3 by Kate Nielsen: Part of a series of tongue-in-cheek suggestions on getting out of sticky situations, this foot-long rectangular wooden box features a diorama-esque painting of a man getting his leg bitten by a shark and punching it in the face, the tip being "If you are attacked by a shark, punch it in the nose", though if it were that easy to stop a ceaselessly moving remorseless predator, no one would have to even worry about running into Ben Roethlisberger

Untitled #4 by Kurt Freyer: This 10'' hangable sculpture's from a UPenn MFA and resembles a Pollock splatter painting, but's composed entirely of melted CDs and diskettes, ensuring "the garbage of today is turned into the gems of the future", an uphill battle considering Shirley Manson's constantly getting even older

Jitu by Matt Held: From a dude who's gained some notoriety painting profile pics for lucky fans of his Facebook page, this number features a dude doing the classic too-cool-to-smile pose whilst wearing neon-templed wayfarers and a crown, though he probably wasn't swift enough to demand any royalties

They've also got a chat function allowing you to directly contact the team behind the site, who'll give you tips on everything from how to use it, to what -- given your style -- will fit in. Sorry, Pony.