This SCAD grad's got some bad-ass art

Lose that Tiger Beat poster of River Phoenix, and cover your walls with something from Brandon Loving, a Savannah illustrator selling amazingly cool/crazy/inexpensive archival prints made using an advanced digital dry ink method for vibrancy, and who calls himself "the roughest, toughest son of a gun this side of the Smokies", because even a guy that cocky doesn't put himself up against Chris Tucker and that bear who hates pyros. The goods:

Jaws vs Jaws: It's hard to imagine art getting more '70s-awesome than the kind that features the famously psychotic shark in a bear-hugging brawl with the character Richard Kiel made famous in Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me, which’s not to be confused with the standard Bond plot, The Spy Who Banged Me Without Any Emotional Attachment.

Lux Venture: This respectably bearded guy's sporting a blazer/button-down/ascot combo while hauling a backpack overstuffed with a candelabra and a chandelier, and drinking a glass of wine at the top of a mountain -- a varietal/ascent far more impressive than Strawberry Hill.

Wolves vs Bots: Even weirder is this scorched earth/parallel universe-ish design showing a laser shoot-out between a winged wolf and a skeleton-jointed droid holding a space gun that blasts out blue rays, although you can just get those at your local Redbox too.

Prints are available in sizes ranging from 7in x 10in to 25in x 40in, and you can also get the designs framed, on stretched canvases, or in skin form for your laptop or iPhone, so you can say to the “make iPhone awesome” item on your to-do list, “you got knocked the f*** out!”