Eat exactly like your favorite ATL chef

After collecting the local recommendations of top chefs around the country, Chefs Feed is now here to tell you where ATL's culinary royalty go to find/ eat the best meals they don't cook, and -- spoiler alert -- they're all at The Varsity! Ha! Stop tripping, you know that's hilarious.In highly detailed reviews, Linton Hopkins digs JCT.'s "angry mussels", while Kevin Rathbun blesses the Pasticcio (Greek lasagna w/ ground beef & béchamel) at Nick's Food To Go, but none compete with Miller Union's farm egg baked in celery cream, since it's praised by Rathbun, Ford Fry, and Restaurant Eugene's Aaron Russell, who says "it’s too much genius and now my head hurts", which many people also say about Val Kilmer films in which he wears hats.You can also slap together an itinerary ("Plan It") and personally rate/ check off each dish you've downed ("Ate It"), or get directed to all the great nearby eats using their geolocated function called "Feed Me Now". Then ignore all that and see everyone who's anyone at The Varsity!