It's true: model cars look even cooler as hoopties

A constantly updated collection of uniquely junkyard-ified scale models of classic whips, Wrecks are handmade by a muscle-car-loving Hilton Head retiree named John who creates amazingly detailed wear, tear, and rust, and says he always thought that run-down models would be way cooler than nice shiny ones, a sentiment anyone who’s dated Kate Moss wholeheartedly agrees with.

Works include/have included:

1955 Yellow Nomad Chevy Surf: This busted party wagon's got a dirty interior, shattered windshield, antique plates, mismatched wheels, junk in the trunk (a spare, a chewed-up piece of wood), and "Surf's Up" painted on the rear window, presumably because this thing’s in about as good shape as Brian Wilson.

1970 Camaro Z28: John dedicated this iconic/dilapidated pre-IROC to his friend Carl, who was constantly hounded by the fuzz in the one John accompanied him to buy. The tribute has mismatched body panels, plenty of body rot and realistic rust-holes, but also an engine that's "nicely wired"... that snitch! Get him!!

Bonnie & Clyde Death Car: Using pics of the shot-up '34 Ford at the end of the Broadway show, John meticulously copied the bullet hole patterns, splattered “blood” all over the interior, and even added a handmade tommy gun, something that will surely have collectors begging for Morrison.

Upcoming projects include the rides from American Graffiti, and yes, a beat-down Batmobile. You can also send in photos of a car and John'll make a custom rendition for you as long as he can find your desired model -- so if it's Kate Moss, just tell him to check rehab/a ditch on the side of the road.