Rockets, aliens, UFOs, and other spaced-out art

With a diverse arsenal of artistic styles ranging from painting to 3D modeling, NC pop artist Ed Rowles creates space-ily surreal imagery of UFOs, women, and things even crazier than them by digitally altering his works after sketching them using "the old Speedball dipping pens", which're finally made truly dangerous by adding Skoal to that wussy heroin and cocaine. Some standouts:Ray Gun: One of several 3D rendering-ish creations, this joint features a rounded space-blaster with a barrel surrounded by four rings, so if anybody points it at you you'd better be Audi.Space Invaders: Recall the arcade days with this retro print Ed says he made "to illustrate the effects of science and technology on my religious beliefs", so it's the next best thing to begging God to reopen SciTrek.UFO Popping Up: This ultra-weird creation shows a flying saucer that's either attached to, or being licked by, a red-tongued, dual-nippled blob just as it has risen up from underneath the NC river known as the French Broad, who likely knows a thing or two about pens being dipped herself.