Blade creation, taught to you by Samurai sword masters

You can either try to find Hattori Hanzo (turns out those Facebook profiles are totally fake!), or just sign up now for TAJKM, a hands-on class at The Cook's Warehouse at which you'll learn the centuries-old art of Japanese knife-making from three seriously-master crafters who're rarely on US soil.The three very sharp (heyyyoo!) dudes (who also do samurai swords, y'know, on the side) include metal-mixer Tadashi Enami, assembling/ engraving authority Akimasa Oe, and forging expert Yuzo Tani, all second-gen masters and natives of famed swordmaking town Sakai City, who've brought in all sorts of heavy-duty equipment including a red-hot kiln so red-hot Patrick Swayze can make pots, plus an interpreter, to translate your Patrick Swayze jokes/ everything else. As you help along the way when not distracted by gratis sushi and sake, they'll take a steel rod, heat it up until it's malleable, pound it on an anvil to shape, tease out the blade itself with infinity little taps along the edge, coat it with mud before re-heating to cure, then sharpen it with a water-stone and attach the handle to the steel's projecting shank, or "tang" -- thanks NASA!TCW'll be offering attendees discounts on similarly made, ninja-chef Kikuichi knives, which you can get engraved for free by Mr. Oe, who admits that the most challenging letters to chisel are rounded, just like Hattori Hanzo's body in that profile picture! How could he ever put that up there?!?