A rock & roll shop lands in West Midtown

If you’re a Friend of the Devil, or have a Touch of Grey in your hair, or something else that takes a Grateful Dead song and hilariously twists it, you need to head over to brand-new rock & roll shop Terrapin Station, which’s stocking all the trippiest, groooooviest '60s-'70s musical merchandise & accessories, and was founded by owners who've been to a combined 150 Dead shows, so they've definitely never done drugs.

You'll find all manner of officially licensed canvas prints, concert posters, rugs, and door beads repping artists such as… um, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Zeppelin, and obviously The Dead, plus tees featuring Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, in addition to a line owned by the Marleys that boasts images of/lyrics by Bob... McAdoo! Just kidding, it’s almost definitely Bob Marley.

Because it's only right, they also sell hookahs and totally for-tobacco-only waterpipes, incense, six-tube beer mega-bongs, and even djembe drums imported from Indonesia -- ironic, as everybody knows good Indo is hard to beat.

If you’re a Dead-loving shut-in who just makes veggie burritos all day, hit Terrapin’s website for Dead bears, lapel pins, pint glasses, playing cards, and even toasters that burn images into your toast of hemp leaves, peace signs, and even Jesus, a guy who was even more popular than St. Stephen, at least among people who haven't been to 150 Dead shows.