Find your next ATL apartment the easy way

Ways Craigslist is good for finding apartments: by having ass-tons of them. Ways Craigslist sucks for finding apartments: every other one. Enter Lovely, the ingenious real estate site that takes only the best, photo-equipped ads from C-list (and other sites), and plops them onto a Gmap to help you visualize everything more easily, and realize that an airy 1BR with huge patio!!! that's overlooking the Ford plant might not be the best place to live.It really is incredibly simple and streamlined: just pop in a 'hood or zip plus all the standard price/# of rooms stuff, and the map'll populate with color-coded dots based on "freshness", or how often said apartments shower and use Cool Water many days they've been on the market, so you know which ones you need to act fast on, and which you should never move into because they've been on the market for 974 days, and something might be "up".Once you check out extensive photos and info on joints you like (which you can favorite to come back to later), you can send the renter a thoughtfully pre-concocted message explaining your interest. Better yet, Lovely will gladly send you emails on future properties that match your search criteria, which will hopefully keep you from renting a place you immediately want to Escape.