Very weird art, very real wisdom

Because using the name Dandelion Man means whatever you're selling really blows, ATL artist Matthew Miller goes by Sunflower Man while peddling inexpensive, lovably weird watercolors of cultural icons that he claims have "spiritual meanings"... despite most of them mounting strange animals.

Matty Ice: Astride a soaring falcon, ATL's QB has his arm cocked to throw a frozen football. And then Mike Mularkey called like seven super-boring run plays not involving man-sized birds of prey.

Pabst Whale: A clipper ship's loss is this buzzy-eyed mammal's gain as he gets to work on a spilled shipment of PBR tallboys (also how to describe most Edgewood residents over 6'2").

Yoda's Burden: The little green Jedi hoisting Vader on his shoulders reflects the artist's claim that the Sith Lord exists only because of Yoda's compassion, and also some highly scientific definition of midi-chlorians that will ruin everything, forever.

There's also a series of paintings originally done on wood backgrounds, such as a pot-bellied Mick Jagger standing on the back of a rooster, and Mr. Miyagi riding a chameleon while catching flies with chopsticks -- if you heard about one from the Hilary Swank movie, that must have been drawn by Dandelion Man.