Yes, these flowers are made of boobs

Flowers have different meanings in different situations: on a date they’re romantic, at a funeral they’re comforting, and for Bill Clinton they’re a brief, if questionable, escape from Hillary. In the hands of Yun Bai, however, they’re made of naked chicks, and they’re the best flowers you’ve ever seen.

Also going by the name YunnyBunny™, Beijing-born/Agnes Scott-trained Bai creates flower paintings you’ll actually want to put in your solarium, by combining oils, watercolors, and...yawn!...nudie magazine clippings. There's an unmistakably Asian flair to the designs, which feature variously colored branches, birds, and blossoming flowers embellished with naughty pics, starting with milder pieces like "Pollination Party" (with petals made of nail-polished fingers), and "Eternal Bloom", featuring tons of cleavage that’s hopefully not Orlando’s, but rather, prominent Shakespeare scholar Harold’s...oh happy dagger, indeed! From there it goes straight Diggler, with lips, nips, and other difficult-to-describe-in-tasteful-email-newsletters body parts pasted in all sorts of, um… positions, some employing obviously retro scenes, and others with the faces of recognizable stars like Tera Patrick -- odd, as she was clearly deflowered long ago.

You can also commission YunnyBunny™ to create an original, or get her milder designs on an iPad case or even a postage stamp -- meaning Bill Clinton will join the rest of the dogs chasing the mail truck.