Bamboo shades with a side of charity

A protected species is here to protect your eyeballs: Panda Sunglasses, who got a historical mill in the nation's capital to design their polarized, sustainable-bamboo sunglasses, then got them actually milled & handcut at a workshop in Linhai, China, where the rooftop bottle service makes all that hard work worth it.

Each pair funds an eye exam and pair of 'scrip glasses or cataract-correcting shades through Austin's TOMA (Tribal Outreach Medical Assistance) foundation, who got their start donating their malaria-preventing mosquito-net/hammock TOMAnets to Venezuelan kids, and would probably sell you one if you asked nicely, and lost like 100lbs. Styles on styles on styles is what they have, including Gargoyle-esque Kennedys, Ray-Ban-ish Monroes, aviator-like Martins, and Robinsons, a thinner take on the Kennedys that're distinctly more John than Ted.

Banking on your love, they're offering a slew of guarantees, from a lifetime fix-or-replace warranty to a "100% Happiness" clause allowing returns if you're not completely satisfied -- something no self-respecting bear would ever allow.