Red Chair Market

Craigslist furniture is often pretty drab stuff that looks like it's spent 10yrs hosting the sort of sloppy, disgusting sex acts one might procure, on, say, Craigslist. Now in Austin-only beta, Red Chair Market hosts both individual sellers and retailers looking to unload higher-quality pieces, searchable by general category (Sofas, Benches, Credenzas... if you're into that sort of thing), followed by more refined terms ranging from price, condition, and style, to width, depth, and whether or not delivery/shipping is available.Partly thanks to retailers like Howl and Adopted Goods, they've already got an impressive range of stock: if you want a solid wood cabinet made using an old door from India, or a drum-set-looking "Triple Coffee Table", you're in luck, though if you're looking for baby furniture, you're screwed, and also they don't have baby furniture yet. But maybe the most comfortable-looking piece is an old-school, green-checkered twin sofa sleeper -- if you were lucky enough to find this same giant chair on Craigslist, you can bet it wouldn't have seen a whole lot of sleeping.

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