Put a house behind your house

As anyone who's ever seen The Money Pit knows, remodeling your home can be a nightmare, and Tom Hanks quit being funny well before Sleepless in Seattle. Helping you add four more walls with no hassle: Sett Studio

Sett builds and delivers modern (but not ostentatiously so) backyard studios that range from 80-360sqft and rarely require permits, and is headed up by a guy who'd been building ATX custom homes for 17yrs, then came up with this primo idea in response to the sub-prime crash

The building materials are smarter than whatever you'll be doing inside your new mini-house, with options like noVOC structural insulated paneling with properties similar to "an old-school 7-11 Styrofoam cooler", Monotread interior surfaces made with sustainably farmed wood chips, and pine siding treated with an age-old Japanese charring technique that gives it an appearance similar to alligator hide, but doesn't result in Crocs-like holes

If you like what you see so much you want to ditch your main abode, they're also working on designs for fully modular regular-sized homes, which'll cost a bit more money, but won't be a pit despite making you laugh harder than Tom Hanks does these days.