Working <em>with</em> the grain

You don't have to be a ninja turtle to learn the way of the splinter -- just ask the guy behind East 5th Delta Millworks' Avalbo Industries, who after earning a sculpture degree turned to timber when the only tool he could afford post-graduation was a hammer, with which he hammered in the morning, and evening, and now all over this town. Using reclaimed materials notable for distinct graining, he does:Small-scale stuff: Available at Parts & Labour, this includes lathed bowls and irregularly shaped cutting boards -- each with a detailed description of the wood species and source, from Lockhart mesquite to Texas walnut felled during Hurricane Rita, the storm that immediately followed Hurricane 6-Pack of Lone Star.Custom larger-scale works: He's the guy who did the 100yr longleaf pine bartop at Volstead, but if you're not man enough to order one of those for yourself he'll also do beautiful cabinets, tables, credenzas, sculptures, and even decks and sheds, or, where you'll weirdly wake up mornings after evenings of getting hammered.