No reclamation job is too big or too small

Sometimes the right materials for a job are right under your nose -- especially if that job is to be maximally sexy while solving a kidnapping in short shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. Looking past his mustache for all manner of craft-friendly finds, the founder of Shift Build

The project of a Registered Texas Builder who constructed his entire house from scraps found within 10mi of the site, Shift uses salvaged wood, leather, steel, and more to put an industrial-chic spin on both traditional homewares and remodeling jobs, not to be confused with "re: modeling jobs", an email you will never receive.

"Slow furniture" pieces include a steel bedframe with raw knotty oak headboard, a bicycle-rim kitchen shelf, an oak bookshelf supported by turnbuckles, and, so you can make like a tree when you get out of here, a walnut dining table with matching leather-strapped satchel. General contracting's produced a backyard kitchen walled with old tires and a shade-casting gazebo made out of an old trampoline, creating an atmosphere so comfortable that you'll never want to bounce

Although there's plenty of reclaimed eye-candy on Shift's site, they're also hosting a party this weekend at Monofonus Studios to unveil brand new works like a series of wall-mounted knife racks and a wood-fired hot tub, a delightful and responsible place to quaff a Magnum.