Pot dealer peddles happy chic

Heidi Klum's too busy Sealing her divorce to open a boutique, so support a less curvacious Bravo alum at Jonathan Adler: the new West 5th showroom for the Top Design judge, where you'll find eccentric furnishings from high-end lounge chairs, to irreverent books, to vases that hark to his early days as a struggling pot dealer supported mostly by his kind buds. Some of the goods:Minimalistically designed for maximum comfort, the Blakeley Chair's shown in contrasting grey Manchester and Cambridge charcoals, and topped with a needlepoint sports car pillow, meaning you don't have to be that flexible to sit in the Lotus position.The polished nickel or brass of the Meurice Task Floor Lamp is adjustable at every joint and topped with a nautical embellishment, most likely concerning the size of that fish.Made out of strike-anywhere porcelain, these boomboxes and pipes make for great match holders, though once you need that match, it won't really matter what your bathroom looks like.It's Lonely In The Modern World is the coffee-table version of the blog Unhappy Hipsters, a clique who insist everything's gone to pot.