Austin's best craftsmen in one nest

Tired of your domicile being mocked like Chance Mock was mocked for the unforgivable crime of being pretty good but not being Superman? Then stock up with super furnishings from Mockingbird Domestics. The just-opened showroom's run out of an old S Lamar gas company HQ by a hobbyist furniture-making couple who've handpicked designers whose work they felt was tragically under-represented in retail shops.Almost everything in the store is sourced locally, right down to the LED lightbulbs that keep you from tripping over your new coffee table. The aesthetic merges modern and rustic, often mixing reclaimed patina'd metals, wow-inducing woodworking, and idiosyncratic design choices in pieces that range from eye-catching prized possessions, to natural fits that'd make an already furnished man-cave look even stalag-tighter.Standout wares include an interlocking dining set from Michael Yates that features a walnut table and hand-woven seats, modular drawers sourced from the UT library by Hatch Workshop, chairs from Petrified Designs crafted from Becker Vineyards wine barrel staves, and a side table comprised of hundreds of cross-cut tree limbs by Michael McGarry, who's done custom work for Willie Nelson, because Willie had the money and Michael had the time.In addition to showcasing locals, Mockingbird also wants to unite them and facilitate collaborations via their guild, because when you're working amongst good company, everybody has a gas.