Bespoken Art

The human voice is a dynamic and versatile instrument; just listen to Michael Winslow's unbelievable sound effects in Police Academy, or his sensational current-day appeals for change...sounding like a robot!! Now the human voice can even make your walls look sweeter, with Bespoken Art.From a San Antonion speech communications major, Bespoken prints your voice's unique waveforms onto canvas, resulting in great "conversation pieces", something normally reserved for the homes of people who speak broken English. Just select a size (18''x24'' to 36''x54''), color (there are 25 of 'em), font style, and any desired text; then email them a previously recorded sound file or record one over the phone, and they'll ship your sound portrait in about three weeks, meaning despite those pesky laws about mailing Anthrax, they still manage to Bring The Noise. Previous commissions include short clippy phrases ("carpe diem", "shalom", "howdy") all the way up to entire songs, as well as displays of multiple voices, like five family members wishing their dad a happy birthday, finally fulfilling the birthday wish of every dad: having everyone talking at them all at once.To ensure you feel as good as you sound, a portion of all proceeds'll go to the cleft lip charity Smile Train, which is also what you call whichever cheery laughing boxcar Michael Winslow happens to be living in.