Bespoken Art

Those WinAmp visualizers can be mesmerizing, though given the state of most watchers, so could a just-demolished pack of Twizzlers. Doing them artfully enough to admire even when you're not extremely hilarious: Bespoken Art.Dreamt up by a self-proclaimed entrepreneur from San Antonio, Bespoken creates colorful canvases adorned with the audio waveform of your choosing, a concept partially inspired by its owner's major in Speech and Communications, a four year degree in topics many consider mastered at age four. Turn up the volume on your walls by first selecting your portrait's style and size (18"x24" or 36"x54"), then customizing the waves and background with your choice of 25 colors, and finally coming up with a worthy sound bite, which you can record directly to them over the phone, or digitally upload on your own and send in, if you get really nervous talking to hot audio voice technicians over the phone. Portrait styles depend on what length/ type of sound you're working with, and include the two-tone "Classic" with optional paired text, the "Double Pane" showing side-by-side waves, the pictorial vibrations of a particular meaningful jam with "Song", and for displaying up to five separate messages: the "Multiple Voice", though all of 'em will be for naught if you can't get over your crippling fear of talking to hot audio voice technicians.Making their own voices heard, five percent of all revenue goes to children's cleft palette charity Smile Train, which's also what you hopped aboard while watching those hilarious visualizers/ Space Ghost.