Introspective prints that might make you hate yourself

Great art isn't always easy to digest, like watching Inception, or asking your stomach acids to adequately break down the Blu-ray of Inception. For prints that may send you on a difficult journey of self-reflection but don't worry, it was all a dream!, dare to check out Strangepuppets

From a CT-raised freelance commercial designer/art director who peddles her more thought-provoking "New Contemporary" work on the side, SP's an introspective & haunting portfolio of watercolor prints that convey the "self-doubt, deepest fears, inner turmoil, and unexplainable inner sadness people bear" -- sooo...anyone for more dessert?! Select etchings include "It Starts Early", with a Hot Wheels-holding dude beneath a futuristic antenna'd leather helmet; "Self Help", depicting a dust-mask'd woman hitting her knee with a hammer; and someone playing with a teddy bear puppet in "Things Learned Young", which apparently doesn't always include "avoid creeping people out with your haunting watercolors". Bizarre convo-starters continue with "Audience 1", in which a kid sets fire to an origami swan in front of a faceless crowd, and "Inevitably Things Slip By", where a bald dude stares at his flip-flop, aka Future John Kerry watching clips of his '04 presidential run

If art looks better hung across your chest and/or you're trying to impress a Russian babushka, there's also a cream-colored graphic tee picturing a shark/koi nesting doll with a fish inside a fish, which unlike a dream inside a dream, people may actually be able to understand.