Messages you actually approve of

Because you can only watch so many Ovide Lamontagne commercials before you realize he's never going to sing "Trouble", take a hard left (or right! No judgement!) out of your polling station and head to Super Precious Art Gallery's Impolitic: Propaganda for Non-Politicians, a calming oasis from the onslaught of hate ads in the form of 25-plus "irreverent" and non-political pop-culture campaign posters on display (and on sale) at Union Square's Bloc 11. To wit:

  • Chris Piascik and Jon DeFreest glimpse into potential Jack Donaghy and Biggie "The Rap Slayer" Smalls bids for mayor, though contributing mo' money to Biggie's campaign would inevitably result in mo' problems. Also, campaign appearances by Ma$e.
  • Even if you never saw the infamous Community episode that pitted Troy vs Abed in an epic Greendale blanket fort civil war, you want cool people to think you did, so laugh engagingly at the dueling campaign posters for The Blanketeers vs The Pillowmen.
  • Proclaiming that "Monster Problems Call For Monster Solutions", Matthew Enderlin's Frankenstein does his best to appeal to swing state independents yearning for strong leadership, something Ovide would give the Granite State, if you believe the ringing endorsement of Second District Congressmen Charles Bass.