Like Doppler radar for the flu

Published On 11/29/2011 Published On 11/29/2011

Confirming that The Wire and former Nixon VP Spiro Agnew aren't the only "sick" things to come out of Baltimore, SW's a just-launched MD-based "Doppler radar" of illness, which crowd-sources real-time data on trending maladies/symptoms from social networking sites, so that you can "check for the chance of sickness as easily as you can check for the chance of rain".

After using wizard magic and/or proprietary algorithms to crunch nationwide info scoured from Facebook/ Twitter (and eventually Google+), SW displays concentrations of infectious people as large orange polygons on a zoomable map, which can then be panned in to identify blue dialogue bubbles that reveal a "Single-Symptom Report", all filterable by ailments ranging from the common cold to stress, and recently expanded to include allergies, ear/sinus infections, sore throats, and hay fever, also something other sassy allergens say when fever walks into a singles bar. Signing up is as easy as having a FB/Twitter account and comes with mad benefits like the ability to wax poetic to online peeps about your recent bout with pink eye, as well as receive a compilation of your friends' status updates that have anything to do with symptoms.

Assuming you've already taken ill, SW wants you to get well soon (!!!) and to that end pinpoints nearby pharmacies, hospitals, and even grocery stores so you can grab the necessary meds/juice to do so, all based on your preference for either holistic or Western medicine, though the former'll have fewer docs that Spiro might describe as "nattering nabobs of negativism".



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