Never get ripped off again

Published On 07/14/2011 Published On 07/14/2011

There's nothing worse than buyer's remorse -- just accept that statement! C'mon, it's free...Good. Now, never feel that again, with Smoopa.

From a former Googler and his cadre of MIT buds, Smoopa's a free app that lets you scan in-store barcodes to determine if you're landing a good deal (and if not, show where you can score it cheaper), all in an effort to let you "shop with confidence", so basically it took an MIT education for them to learn that you have to strut into the Galleria with mad Bod Man spray. Select the store you're in from a GPS-generated list before scanning the barcode/manually entering your item's UPC number; and Smoopa will:

• Churn through a database of 12 million+ products, and compare the price to other retailers (Target, Amazon, Best Buy, B&N, etc.). • Provide one-click buying from your phone if the thing's cheaper online. • Cough up a recommendation to buy there, buy elsewhere (with a list of lower prices at other stores), or wait on the purchase if price analysis from the last 60 days indicates it may go down, which will always be true if you're buying a sexy robot slave. • Keep tabs on a product you've waited on, and alert you when the price hits your magic number, which, according to most early Germanic tribes, is seven. • Log all the shwag you've ever contemplated buying, making you feel silly about once considering buying a non-sex robot.

And because the money you've saved will already be burning a hole in your pocket, Smoopa will also semi-creepily show you the most popular things shoppers around you are scanning, meaning whether or not you get a good price, you'll still probably walk away feeling unsettled about the deal.