Find a roommate you actually like

If there's a single fatal flaw in finding a roommate online, it's that the wrong choice could actually be fatal. Or, worse, vegan. Helping you not get murdered/ eat quinoa: PadMatcher. The just-launched, South End-based one-stop shop for finding new roommates/ apartments integrates social networking with online search tools in an effort to help cut out the crazies and link "real people" with "real pads".

To find your new Canadian model roommate, first create a profile in which you'll fill in the blanks on education (Boston College!), job (Boston Beerworks!), favorite TV show (Boston Public/Legal/Common!), etc., then scour the profiles of potential candidates culled based on "shared interests and values", which include everything from religion (Irish Catholic!) and political views (Which one are the Kennedys?), to level of physical activity and desired living space cleanliness. From there, you'll connect via internal message before you and your new BFF join forces to find a brand-new crib, by searching all the usual suspects whilst also flagging fake listings, setting up viewing appointments, and even rating real estate agents you went to high school with and now hate.

Soon they're hoping to integrate electronically signed leases and add the ability to verify a potential roommate's credit score, in case you're not sure they've really got the killer job they claim.