Giving your stuff the power of speech

The C'bridge-based MIT duo who brought you a wallet that physically becomes harder to open when low on cash is at it again with Twine, a WiFi-enabled, handheld, soap-size block that uses voodoo incantations internal/ external sensors (temperature, vibration, moisture, etc.) and a no-programming-required Web app to let random stuff around your apartment send out texts, emails, and Tweets, simply by attaching it and inputting basic rules like: WHEN moisture sensor gets wet THEN tweet "Oh crap, son. The basement is wicked flooded!"

Because the uses are essentially limitless, some "rules" you might consider include:

• WHEN washing machine stops moving THEN text "Your laundry is done."

• WHEN bedside lamp is turned off THEN tweet "Goodnight, world. It's worth noting that this is only cool because it's automated."

• WHEN apt temp goes above 80 while at Pilates THEN text your roommate "Turn the f*&%ing heat down you silver-spoon Wayland bastard!"

• WHEN the bed starts rocking while I'm at work THEN email neighbor and ask "Can you look in my window and check if my GF is doing the nasty with Derek Lowe?"