Sweet prints for your inner geek

Some artists' obsessions are cooler than others: Van Gogh supposedly cut off his ear for some chick, while Bono just talks about Africa so much, everyone else just wishes they'd pulled a Van Gogh. For art from an admittedly less-than-cool obsession, fight with your girlfriend over hanging the work of Tyler Edlin

Drawing off an infatuation with gaming, this Hubbardston native Photoshop-illustrates and sells an eclectic portfolio of "epic" sci-fi/fantasy wall art (many of the pieces feature an astounding 50+ references!), all of which support his credo that "life's better when it's extra saucy", and confirm that there's really not a lot to do in Hubbardston. Topics range from

Battles Bellicose renderings include Darth Vader in a faceoff with Halo's Master Chief, a giant eye-patched polar bear gunning down a group of evil penguins, and a squirrel-mounted Chewbacca fighting a crew of Nazis, who were apparently afraid to take him Han Solo

City/LandscapesCloud-immersed, awe-inspiring -- like they're breathtaking, not like they'll inspire adorable baby noises -- futurescapes are mashed with throwback prints of dark Venetian canals and alleyways from the 16thC

Other, Less Weird Things!Should you not enjoy Chewbacca/Nazi battles or flying cloud cities, you were probably popular in high school, but he's also got mildly less fantastical prints ranging from a wolf howling at the moon to a garden gnome looking all depressed, presumably because, even though he's got lawn seats, listening to Bono preach instead of play "Elevation" isn't worth the money.