Bradford Woodworking

Rustic farm equipment generally isn't designed for aesthetic appeal, unless you count Rocky using it in a training montage to make himself look glisteningly fantastic. Finding another way to further the agrarian aesthetic: Bradford Woodworking

From a Pennsylvania couple finally putting their farmstead upbringing to work, BW incorporates "off the shelf" farming tools into handsomely creative furniture, effectively making "something special out of something ordinary", or what Ken Griffey, Sr. calls "procreation". To the furnishings!

Tractor Stool:

This puppy's cast iron seat was produced by an Amish foundry, presumably as part of their ongoing evil plan to get all up on normal people's butt-cheeks.

Pitchfork Bench:

Available with or without arms, this cherry entryway-ready seater is backed by 3-6 pitchfork heads, marking the first time combining "pitchfork" and "putting your back into it" is actually comfortable

Axe Handle Stool:

This 25'' or 30'' stool uses four axe handles as legs, and features a solid steel footrest where "your feet can find a home", which one generally doesn't have for much longer after getting axe'd

And because you can only sit around on beautiful tool-infused furniture for so long, BW's also got a handmade set for croquet: a lawn sport where even dudes as old as Stallone can still look wicket good.