Calaveras Fretworks

One of the hardest things for guitarists to do is change their pickups, although as long as they don't go with "Hey baby, I'm the bassist", they usually end up just fine. Coming up with a trick way to change out their guitars' pickups, Calaveras Fretworks

Spurred on by the wiring hassles required to improve the sound of an old Stratocaster, Calaveras is a line of custom-built electrics with an innovative pickup-swap feature put together by a BuxCo-based lifelong player "with a critical ear for tone", presumably meaning he can immediately distinguish "Funky Cold Medina" from "Wild Thing". The pickups, which're hard-wired into traditional axes, are specially attached to pickguards (available in a rainbow of standard, metallic, and pearl finishes), which slide into a special channel on the familiar double-cutaway'd body, allowing you to go from squealing blues-style single coils to growling, metal-appropriate humbuckers just by tinkering with a few screws and one plug, also where a Condom Kingdom giftcard can get you. The rest of the guitar also provides impressive variety: a slew of neck options from picking woods like rock maple or quarter-sawn Korina, to selecting your radius (thinner for faster playing), plus heads ranging from a slim Tele-style, to an angular wedge, to a wide, classic, Gibson-style, but not a Mel Gibson-style head, 'cause those just sound crazy

Once you've got the wood bits tweaked, they'll paint or stain them to your liking and add all the string-bearing parts, like a polished chrome bridge, tuners, and a hard composite nut, which is another fantastic thing to mention in your pickup line, as long as it starts with "Hey baby, I'm John Kruk"