Find dudes to, you know, chill out with and stuff

Published On 02/16/2012 Published On 02/16/2012

You shouldn't have to get cast in a Judd Apatow flick just to hang out with dudes doing cool stuff while saying clever crap, which is why Chi-based Bromance has just dropped their location-based app, which helps guys find other guys interested in the same activities -- like playing basketball, or playing Gears of War, or pretending not to be totally hot for each other.

Everything starts with your "Brofile", a meticulous record of every way your brother has wronged you. Just kidding, but it does contain age/ location basics along with interests pulled from a long list of possibilities, all of which guides you into an activity feed of nearby events that meet your criteria, leading to potential invites for everything from rock shows to rock climbing.

You can also browse "Activities" to find folks looking to hit the gym/ a plate of ribs, sync up your Facebook/ Twitter contacts (so expect the hashtag MikeNeedsMoreMaleCompanionship to start trending), or create events of your own -- and in the near future you'll be able to tap others to help cover things like brews, greens fees, and fines for what you did to the greens after all those brews.

In a stunning nod to gender equality/ confusing, they do claim that women can also be "bros", which is definitely true in Thailand, though when you tell that story to your new dude friends, better just pretend you were being clever.



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