Food & Drink

Chowing Midwest-style in the Gold Coast

A quick journey on the CTA will tell you that no one knows how to eat heavy like the Midwest, so why should anyone pay any mind to -- audible gasp -- San Diego-founded Hash House A Go Go and its "twisted farm food"? Because the founder has Midwest roots (Indiana, but still), and because the black-and-white farm photography, plush leather booths, and retractable garage door facade provide the perfect setting to stuff yourself at: Breakfast: With a name like Hash House you better believe they're bringing drugs that glorious chopped-up stuff (like a meatloaf version w/ smoked mozz), plus sage fried chicken in a bacon waffle tower w/ maple reduction, and a biscuit benedict with BBQ cream & "hand-hammered" pork tenderloin, which usually takes place when porking isn't an option. Lunch: They have a crispy cornmeal salmon sandwich with chili mayo... but that sounds suspiciously West Coast and almost healthy, so it's probably better to just stick with the 1lb "stuffed" burgers, sporting two patties surrounding fillings like apple-smoked bacon 'n mashed potatoes. Dinner: If Indiana farm duck breasts w/ maple glaze and prosciutto-mashed yams don't tempt you, then you'll have no choice but to have mind sex with the bone-in ribeye w/ maple-sage-garlic butter, pumpkin mashed potatoes, and griddled brie, mostly because we're not telling you about anything else. Late-Night: They're open 'til 2a Fridays and Saturdays in case you have some booze to mop up, or better yet, just drink there and sip bacon-garnished Bloody Marys, or keep it simple with a 24oz Bud in a bag, and -- like any good Midwesterner -- you soon will be as well.