Giving old wood a new look

Taking your operation public can put butterflies in your stomach, especially if you aren't precise enough to tweeze them out. Making his house public to benefit your own, the guy behind FoundRe:.

From a woodworking master who's long run his operation out of a Southside studio, this spanking new, open-to-the-masses Division St showroom and workshop boasts an array of goods made entirely from reclaimed material, a process proven to be lucrative by Family Guy. A hefty portion of their game's refurbishing and restoring antique furniture, from an industrial metal work table with a redone wood top, to a lemon-colored '40s kitchen hutch with refinished shelves and drawers, to a TV repairman toolbox that opens up to reveal an interior of red velvet, surprising given handymen aren't typically cupcakes. They also do loads of custom framing, with a huge board on the wall containing weathered paint-chipped wood samples from the constantly shifting materials that lurk in back, including dozens of vintage paneled doors, house siding, and stained fencing, proving PED use can be a problem for any sport that uses Sabremetrics.

For those who don't like things too rustic, they're offering a number of framing options that've been stained and treated to look a bit more handsome, more than can be said for that naked red-nosed dude with his funny bone just hanging out there.