Just let the tacos DANCE!

When Einstein said "true art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist", clearly he was thinking of Chi artist Nick Volkert's irresistible urge to make tacos more lively and musical. Here's just some of the work you can get from a guy whose birth Albert clearly bent space/time to predict:

Anthropomorphic Food: "Let There Be Tacos" depicts a merry band of mariachi hardshells living it up with a cadre of fixins, while "Locals Only" features a classic Chicago red crossed with a Clifford-esque dog and sporting a Bears-colored pom-pom hat, skyline-reflecting shades, and a Ditka 'stache, suggesting that particular dog is high in Iron.

Literary Animals: Underworld-guarding, three-headed mutt Cerberus takes an avian turn in Crowberus, and Moby Dick triumphantly picks his teeth with the mast of a nearby sunken ship in "Catch Me If You Can", also the title of that movie about Frank Abag-whale.

Violence!: A pack of firearm-strapped unicorns rampages away from a volcano in "Uzicorns", though that's not nearly as terrifying as "Texas Chainsaw Astronaut", where a moonwalker sports dual chainsaws -- which could prove problematic should he encounter any irresistible urges.