The search engine gone visual

Andre Agassi once said image is everything, which makes his success almost as puzzling as why it took so long to come up with Oolone, a search engine that's all about seeing and being seen.

The handiwork of a neuroscientist and the brother that his parents surely love equally, Oolone touts itself as the planet's first "purely visual search engine", built around the eye's natural tendency to make judgments while scanning images, unlike pharmacy workers, who make their judgments while scanning antifungal creams. Results display four at a time, with mini-previews of each homepage broken into a quadrant (hover for a larger view), and you merely need to run your cursor over an arrow on either side to seamlessly flip through sets (note: search for Christina Hendricks to hilariously look through sets of sets). The endgame's a search experience that brings less clutter, eschews ad-driven content, "gives your back button a rest", and prevents you from having to open up loads of tabs, something you'll likely have to do at the bar if you spend so much time searching for Christina Hendricks you get fired.

Given the visual nature of the engine, there's a strong NSFW filter, though if you hit the upper left corner it's as easily turned off as anyone about to get served a deuce by Andre.