Big screen classics remixed for your pad

Incorporating your favorite movies into everyday life is typically accomplished by sprinkling apropos quotes into conversation, especially easy if you happen to hang out with people who urgently need to get to their chopper. Grasping that impeccable logic, the graphic designer/film buff behind Rich Art Designs mashes up familiar dialogue & images from beloved flicks into fetching 11"x17"s like:

  • Save Ferris: Avail with two different sets of quotes, the teenage trio's surrounded by well-known quips concerning Cam's diamond-producing sphincter, The Sausage King of Chicago, and dangling one's cheese in the wind, in which case you're sporting Peckerino.
  • The Big Lebowski "Mature": Thankfully only one of the frequently f-bombed nuggets scrawled on this print's bowling pins can be the overused quote from the Jesus, who must be terrible in the sack not to at least get f***ed with in prison.
  • The Electric Baumer: Devoid of pithy utterances, the hirsute Baumer's subway car pose is given a bluish electric twist (note: there is no electric slide joke here because Ric Silver would sue you for laughing at it).
  • You can get any of the prints done up custom in a larger size, and expect new works to drop covering everything from National Lampoon's Vacation to the Death Star, which you unfortunately became after falsely promising your cousin it was naht a tumor.