Sleek recycled style for your pad

Because your idea of sustainable furniture is flipping over a couch cushion when someone barfs on it, the husband and wife team behind Chi-based Strand Design is bent on classing up your place with fetching furniture and accessories made from sustainable materials and either reclaimed wood or "urban lumber", aka how Louie Anderson walks around a city.

For getting work done there's the Eleven Desk, made with simple A-frame wooden legs and a locally sourced, powder-coated steel top, while the triangular Tripod has laser-cut handles in the base for easy portability, and works as an end table or a stool, so yeah, it is the sh*t.

Lighting the way is the Better Dog Spotlight, an angular table lamp made from old floorboards, and a sleek floor lamp called The Birdhouse, with an appropriately shaped steel shade perched atop a pair of spindly, bird-like legs, so it could get mistaken for Shawn Bradley if it ever becomes incapable of lighting it up.

Because you can't take your apartment with you unless you're mad homeless, they also do messenger bags made from locally tanned Horween leather, and because even mad homeless people think your apartment's a mess, they've got wooden-handled storage bins called Lug Trugs, aka how Louie Anderson gets pulled around when he's sitting in a, uh...trug.