Sick custom growlers handmade in Chi

Bottles have all sorts of potential uses...is something ER docs hear all the time. For bottles too fetching to defile, there's Vessyl.Handmade in Chi by an MFA-trained glassblower who began honing his craft while attending college in Champaign, Vessyl makes one-of-a-kind, stopper-topped, growler-esque bottles that're perfect for swallowing craft brews (or wish-granting Christina Aguileras, though these days you'd need a lot of those craft-brew-filled ones before rubbing her the right way). Hand-blown to ensure each one's unique, basic shapes include classic growlers like the slender Bosun and the stouter Winch; the teardrop-like Buoy; and the long-necked Pegleg, though hopefully your leg is also hollow if you plan on draining it. Options within each style include custom sandblasted logos/initials; handle silhouettes from the serpentine, one-finger "Sassy", to the notched, vertebrate "Seahorse"; and colors such as iridescent amber, gold-leaf-flecked opaque red, and clear w/ swirling "alternating white lines", also the instructions for making a sick Grandmaster Flash playlist once you Napster "The Message".Local breweries including Revolution and Haymarket have already taken to allowing Vessyls to be used for growler fills, and for those lucky enough to have a home draft system they also make elaborate glass tap handles, though tap it too much and you'll likely end up back where you started.