Believe in nothing... but these awesome prints

Published On 02/10/2012 Published On 02/10/2012

Because dropping a Lebowski quote these days will make you seem out of your element, Donny, a trio of Lebowski-obsessed Londoners have combined their respective talents as art director, photographer, and designer, to create eye-catching prints that pay homage to The Dude's words of wisdom via minimalist design and handsome typography.

Apparently "sketched out by a Majorcan street artist [as] we test cleaning products until a sign runs down a nearby drainage/sewage system" (sounds safe), highlights include three ice cubes floating on a tan background ("Hey! Careful man, there's a beverage here"), a simple white bowling ball ("Obviously you're not a golfer"), and a cloudy peak fronting "The goddamn plane has crashed into the mountain". There's also a spilled cup of coffee with "Jerk Off" in the corner, a pair of scissors sporting "Ve cut off your chonson", and an urn with Donny's entire eulogy scrawled on it, a fitting replacement for all the flowers you've snuffed out.

And for those not wild about The Dude, homages to other cult faves include a hirsute face for John Carpenter's The Thing, a yellow, Arrested Development declaration that "There's always money in the banana stand", and a few Anchorman lines including "Milk was a bad choice", also what you'll be left muttering if you keep trying to drop that quote.



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