Comical Concept

Some people are blessed with the natural ability to turn any crazy idea into a work of art, although nobody's iller than Glenn Beck when it comes to proving with a stick of chalk that Obama, Satan, and celery are conspiring to boost the price of gold. For a guy who digitally draws out his thoughts, but makes you laugh with him, check Comical Concept

Created by a freelance web developer/NC native, Comical's a series of happily random, hilarious vector artworks that look comic strip-y, though "if it can be helped" contain "no thought/speech bubbles", although MJ's monkey was never that pensive or chatty anyway. Hilarity includes

Clever Girl: This velociraptor raises her eyebrow (and possibly smiles?) as she makes the final twist on a Rubik's Cube. Look out Sam Neill: next stop, doorknobs

Without A Guitar: See just how similar homeless dudes and famous musicians are: both have unkempt hair, a shaggy beard, grungy clothes, and do the same pose, but one's got an acoustic guitar and the other a giant bottle of beer...wait a second, which one's which

Date Guaranteed: This actually fantastic idea's a guide to getting girls by reading a book in public, but using a cover entitled Living With Your Giant Penis, although when it comes down to it, Tom Coughlin isn't technically yours, despite being your roommate

You can purchase anything on the site in poster form, or feel free to contact Nathan via email if you want custom illustrations or to commission artwork -- and if it was drawn by Glenn Beck, nobody would see, since he was canceled by George Soros and the Hokey Pokey.