Adam Rabalais does two things: movie posters, and…more movie posters

They do things a little differently in Baton Rouge, from selling booze in gas stations, to spelling "o" "eaux", which actually has nothing to do with French heritage, and everything to do with drinking booze bought in gas stations. Doing movie posters a little differently: the Red Stick's own Adam Rabalais.

A graphic-design grad from the school that gave us both Better Than Ezra and Worse Than Tim Couch (JaMarcus Russell), Rabalais does killer modern-minimalist takes on theatrical posters, but unlike other such cine-visionaries, his designs retain a vintage feel when appropriate, sometimes down to faux wear-and-tear. Amongst his mainly pulp-adventure, horror, and sci-fi re-imaginations you'll find:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: It's almost as if our entire state was bloodied by the events of that day…that never actually happened, but was loosely based on some stuff that did happen, in Wisconsin.

Moon: If you didn't see this quirky sci-fi gem starring Sam Rockwell, Sam Rockwell, and Sam Rockwell, you should, because it's a brilliant meditation on the meaning of existence, and you still have that holiday bonus rental from Netflix.

Seven Samurai: What else is there to say about this cinematic masterpiece? Buy this poster, then hit a gas station, grab some booze, and go watch some Kireauxsawa.