There are worse things to be addicted to

One man's junk is another man's gold, unless it's Paul McCartney's "Junk", in which case maybe just put it on a solo album and not ruin Abbey Road. Finding much better castoffs: the girls behind Colleyville shop Vintage Junkys, who hit estate sales & auctions to secure "incredibly random stuff" they describe as "strange, funky, wild". While it sounds like they're basically into reselling Rick James, they're actually pushing sweetness like:

Velvet Loveseat: Do you believe in love? Or do you often have Huey Lewis over for dinner, but have no proper throne for him to sit on while regaling you with stories of the improbably hot women he nailed in the '80s, and '90s? Then grab this 1920s piece, in great condition despite not being recovered since Huey Lewis believed in toys (the 1960s).

The Grand Server: Straight out of Newton, Wisconsin, this circa-1963 table's top slides over to reveal a hidden bar, while its boomerang shape serves as a reminder that no matter how much he pretends to just be a friend, Eddie Murphy is ultimately going to sex you and there's nothing you can do about it.

Florence Stove: Back in the 1920s, this was the stove to have, as evidenced by its prime placement in the Sears catalog, and appearances at exhibitions in Britain, where it was showcased as "Florence and the Machine".

The rest of the current stock ranges from an old blue rotary that looks like an emergency phone for calling Jacques Cousteau, to wall-hangable bits from an old Beetle, far more desirable than having an old Beatle hanging around, trying to give you Kisses on the Bottom.