Illuminatingly cool installations of technical abstraction (cool lights!)

Bright lights have always been a symbol of glamor and glory, unless you're Gizmo, in which case they're a symbol that Phoebe Cates has dumped your lame-ass owner and now he's just screwing with you out of bitterness and boredom. Buy some bright lights that convey brilliant ideas, from Adela Andea.

A Romanian-born artist who graduated top of her class at U of H and's currently finishing up a double masters in art history and new media from UNT, Andea's stunning sculptures try to "deconstruct the clear delimitation line between reality and virtual reality" via cold cathode fluorescent tubes that generate light through a mercury vapor discharge -- as opposed to a Merkurrent of electricity. Larger pieces consist of literally hundreds of fluorescent tubes hung in a carefully haphazard fashion with the cords poignantly visible, apparently playing the chaos of modern life against the tethers of technology, or, how hard it is to "Just Be" when you're constantly compelled to "Just BBM". Smaller pieces include hollowed-out rock-shaped plaster shining from within, and lights strewn over a series of rocks elevated by neon, that's Ron Jeremy in a glow-in-the-dark, it's a neon tripod.

Glass-encased installations are also available, and range from fluorescent bulbs, reflective tubes, and computer fans, to an entire wire-suspended and light-surrounded bicycle, totally glorious, though people would screw with you even more if you Feld off it, Man. Yes, Corey Feldman.