Your favorite flicks, NES-ified

Movie posters these days tend to be overly Photoshopped messes, which would only really work if they were for a Jesse Eisenberg movie about the founding of Photoshop. And because that movie won't be made for at least another six months, check out 8-Bit Movie Posters, which just go all-the-way-pixelated instead.

From a Mile High graphic designer and movie buff, these Adobe Illustrator'd wall-hangers give iconic flicks' most memorable scenes and characters the Super Mario treatment, with highlights deserving of your coin including:

1. Kill Pixel Bill: One of his first masterpieces, it's printed on fancy archival paper, and features a design he feels he "nailed", which definitely happened to someone's head in that movie, right?

2. The Dark Pixel: Available in sizes ranging from a 7"x10" to a 27"x40", this poster homages everyone's favorite departed actor from the The Dark Night -- that's right: its portrayal of The Joker reminds you that he killed Maggie Gyllenhaal. Whyyyyyy???!

3. Pixel Space: The unforgettable, bright-red, Swingline stapler will help you recall a time when the movies Hollywood made didn't make you want to walk up to a major studio and set the building on fire.