Less murderous animal mountings

Rob Mack of Coal Creek Canyon may be one of the very few Colorado artists who can honestly say "I make the big bucks". He crafts large, stylized sculptures of deer and other animals, and his new work is debuting tomorrow at Super Ordinary Gallery in a show called Refuge. He's actually probably not particularly wealthy

Rob's "not-quite-3D" pieces consist of reclaimed wood that he's spray-painted, layered, and cut into stylized, almost-cartoonish likenesses of our woodland friends, all in an effort to "recontextualize" the practice of hanging animal heads on the wall, and create "more of a celebration of an animal", despite the fact that The Muppets already did that years ago. A little taste of what'll be at the show

1. Antennae: Undoubtedly a "more environmentally conscious version of having a deer on your wall", this buck's positioned under an all-seeing eye, which represents Mack's desire to observe animals in nature without disturbing them, even though they'd be mad flattered by these art pieces. Bucks are actually quite vain

2. Family: Foxes run rampant near Mack's house, and this piece shows a pack leader protecting two more feminine foxes behind him, which could be a subtle reference to his two sisters and his middle child status. Or it could be something less personal -- stop prying

3. Throwing Bolts: A gigantic work at 3ft wide x 4ft tall, this burly bear almost appears to be floating above the octagon of old barn wood behind it, and was inspired by an image of Ben Franklin "pulling electricity out of the sky and focusing it towards the ground" -- a fitting nod to a guy who not only made big bucks, but ended up on them.