Reach out and touch television

Some snobs are loathe to consider TV real art, which actually makes sense, because they would've never seen Bad Girls Club. Full of television art that can't be denied: the As Seen On TV exhibit

Saturday only, geek mecca Plastic Chapel'll be stocked with kidrobot Munnys transformed into scarily realistic 3D characters from everyone's favorite shows, all created by a tube-addicted artist who claims to have watched "a million hours" of TV, so Ken Burns: consider this a challenge for your next documentary. Despite what their lawyers insist can be written, TNT isn't the only one who knows drama®, as the show'll have everyone from Dexter (complete with a bloody knife) to Donny Draper; plus funny-bone ticklers like Bret and Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords, and Weeds' Nancy Botwin, who was apparently tough to create, as the Munny shape doesn't "lend itself to females"

Want to get sneaky and beat all the other Munny-bidders out? Then hit up PlasticChapel.com on Friday night, when they'll be offering them for sale early, meaning you can just get your Munny fight-free, and leave all the hair-pulling and face-spitting to the Bad Girls.